Footballers present to our osteopathy clinic with a variety of sports injuries. Commonly we see hamstring and calf muscle pulls, achilles tendonitis, groin strains and plantar fascitiis as well as various joint strains and injuries.

There are many osteopathic techniques which we are trained to apply specifically to each individual case to release stiff and locked joints, reduce pain and inflammation all aimed at shortening the recovery time and optimising healing of the tissues affected.

Footballers build up muscle imbalances due to the very different pressures placed on the standing leg and the kicking leg. The neck and cranium can easily be injured through poor contact with the ball and aggressive pushes and hits while competing for the ball.

The quick changes of direction really test the stability of the knee, hip and ankle and these joints can have enormous forces exerted on to them which can result in partial or total rupture of tissues such as the cruciate ligaments, adductor muscles or tendons. Football boots have got increasingly lighter with modern materials and design so the trade off is often less protection hence the increase in metatarsal injuries.

A lightweight thin boot is great for feeling the contact with the ball and applying spin to curl & control the ball but means the foot is more vulnerable and exposed to sliding tackles and impacts from other players.

Here at EYO we see many different sporting injuries. All our practitioners have sporting interests and have specialised training in dealing with sports injuries. Indeed Paul, Jason and Jamie have all bounced back from sports injuries as a result of various incidents at football, triathlon, surfing, golf, martial arts and weight training!

Paul has completed Core training courses. He has trained to advanced level with Rock Tape. The kinesiology tape has revolutionised treatment of athletes and you will have seen this in all events from the Olympics, Football World Cup to local sports events such as club football and rugby teams.

We are able to bring this treatment started in elite sport to all clients including keen amateur footballers. We also offer dry needling sometimes called western acupuncture. Some sports injuries respond very well to dry needling which a form of acupuncture used in treatment of athletes by many doctors, physios and osteopaths.

If you need help with a sports injury, give us a call on 07736 430 248 or request an appointment here.