James Andrew

Having trained as an actor and having spent 10 years working in the performing arts industry, Andrew decided to begin a new chapter and began his training to become a sports masseur with York Holistic Training.

After gaining a Diploma in Sports Massage & Muscular Injury Repair, James started Elemental Sports Massage with the aim of bringing the numerous positive benefits of remedial massage to his clients.

Inducing a state of positive wellness and deep relaxation in an individual by unlocking the body’s natural healing energises is something he is extremely passionate about.

Treatment options

Back, Neck and Shoulder Sports Massage

A relaxing and beneficial treatment that will help  relieve this troublesome area where tension and stress can often gather, leading to stiffness and  discomfort. Focusing on deep tissues and fascia, this relaxing and thorough treatment also  includes an initial consultation to help establish exactly how the massage can be tailored to most  benefit you.

60 minutes – £40

Arms and Legs Sports Massage

Often overlooked, the muscles in our outer limbs can easily  become tight and sore. This deep and relaxing massage will help to not only reduce muscular  tension in these areas but also increase flexibility and range of movement. This thorough  treatment also includes an initial consultation to help establish exactly how the massage can be  tailored to most benefit you.

45 minutes – £30

Treat and Tape

A personalised treatment designed to address specific muscular pain, injuries or  general dysfunction. An in-depth consultation will result in a bespoke treatment plan being  designed and carried out, specifically targeting the muscles that need treating. This could cover  several or just certain parts of the body. The treatment may also include the application of  Kinesiology Tape

75 minutes – £45

Relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing and restorative deep tissue massage  which will help relieve muscular tension and pain in areas of the body where stress and tension  can so easily build up. Relax, restore and rebalance with this calming treatment.

60 minutes – £40

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Give your immune system a boost and your body a natural  detox with this gentle and stimulating massage. As a key component of the body’s immune  response, the lymphatic system is responsible for the production of antibodies and the removal of  fluid and waste products. This one hour massage will help clear and stimulate the lymphatic  system, leading to a naturally improved immune response and a deep sense of wellness

60 minutes  – £45

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