Rowann O’Donoghue

Rowann is fully registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council.

Rowann completed her Bachelor of Osteopathy degree (B.Ost) with the College of
Osteopaths in 2023. During the five-year course, Rowann covered a variety of
modules and had extensive training in the musculoskeletal system, anatomy and
physiology. The course also included over 1200 hours of supervised clinical training
which allows Rowann to deliver optimised, personalised treatments for her patients.

Throughout the course, Rowann was graded highly in various modules including
clinical practice and function of the human body. This course sparked Rowann’s
interest how the body responds when faced with underlying health conditions such as
diabetes and thyroid problems, which she researches regularly in order to stay up to
date with current information.

During the degree and through working in private clinics, Rowann has had the
opportunity to treat a wide range of people and complaints and has found real
enjoyment in helping patients through pregnancy. She is interested in how the various stages of pregnancy can impact the musculoskeletal system and how Osteopathy can promote a more comfortable pregnancy.

In her personal life, Rowann enjoys yoga, travelling and walking with her dog.

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